Saturday, May 23, 2009


Have any of you guys heard any of the new Sunn O))) album yet? I don't even remember the last new CD/record I got... I've definitely been spoiled by free tracks on and Youtube and whatever. But I can't pass this one up. Last month's Wire feature makes it sound super intense. It's on pre-order now... Perfect summer thunderstorm music.

"I think some of the best metal is some of the most avant garde music... Somehow, the threads between seemingly different genres or tags, they're very real and very interesting, but to limit yourself to a category when listening to music is one of the most foolish things you can do as a musician. Or even just as a listener. Certainly as a fan. I'm addicted to that exploration thing that we talked about. It's exciting.”
--Stephen O'Malley

From Altar:


Heavy Metal Fashion said...

I'm just thankfull they started southern lord.

What a fucking good label.


Madison said...

i saw sunn last summer and it was an amazing 4 hour show.

Altar is on of my fave albums of all time.

not to mention Boris kicks major ass.

finally a blog that's inspired by great music.