Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Whoa! So right after hitting post on that last entry, I did a little Google image search on liquid crystals. I was intrigued when I read in Style.com's review that the Kanes were inspired to come up with 'a textile that's never been used' in their new collection. Turns out... they were totally scooped!

Check out this 2007 article on Cleveland-based technology firm AlphaMicron Inc. In addition to the hybrid sunglass/goggles with color-changing liquid crystal lenses, this dress with liquid-filled fringe is currently blowing my mind.

According to the article, they hadn't yet gone into production in 2007. I'm thinking that for A/W 2011, their time has finally come.


photo from Vogue.com

Christopher & Tammy Kane really know a thing or two about liquid crystals.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


...Yes, I'm still alive (as long as you count Dead Alive) and still deeply interested in horrible shoes.

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