Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Kind of a bittersweet post, since these amazing earrings are already sold out at Pixie Market... but forget about the material, just check out the detail on that mini-talon clutching its pearls.

Nothing says 'Spring' like a dangling jewel stolen from a bird of prey.

Earrings from the difficult-to-Google Transvestite, which seems to come out of Japan (naturally enough).

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Dai Fujiwara's new collection for Issey Miyake is hands-down my favorite so far this season. The silhouette that's being pushed in the majority of the shows I've seen is something I'm getting heartily sick of--it all starts to blend into one stretchy body-con mess after a while. Even some designers whose prints and other surface techniques I admire are just not looking as fresh when they put them on an unchanging rotation of slim-fit mini-skirts and shift dresses. Minis on all of these stick-thin legs are just not doing it for me at all anymore. So despite my longtime belief in the talismanic powers of the dress, I am setting my sights for the first time squarely on PANTS.

Seriously! I'm sort of bummed by the sheer lack of them this season. Every time I see the faintest hint of pant in a little thumbnail on Style.com, I click without fail... only to be rebuffed by leggings.
Fortunately, Fujiwara has totally delivered on my need for trews. Pants please!

(pics from Style)

How good are these? The printed ones are particularly sick, but I wouldn't say no to the ruched style either.

And I am completely feeling these awesome coats.

LOVE. I'm okay with this ovoid, shrouded, kind of butch-cum-batcave (maybe more Batcave than in the literal sense... the frayed-yarn pair of trousers there looks like a perfectly fresh interpretation of found-in-the-attic finery, in that slightly boyish shape) silhouette remaining unpopular for the time being. It's only a matter of seasons before everybody gets bored with the omnipresent Balmain look, after all...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I haven't really been focusing much on the A/W shows. Should I be? A lot of them seem to be missing the point to me, and right now I'm more interested in thinking about Spring anyway. Spring! If only! Today it was actually a temperature somewhere around 'melting,' but I'm sure we can count on at least a few more weeks of icy conditions.

Scout just put up a bunch of new Diana Orving pieces, and they're truly thrilling me, especially the suspended ruffle-back jacket and ESPECIALLY the drop-crotch leggings...

Okay, who am I trying to kid; variations on the theme of drop-crotch leggings and big scarves have comprised my day-in-day-out wardrobe for at least the past few weeks. Like I said a few posts ago, all the mini lengths and Naugahyde faux-'70s detailing is turning the shows this season into a steady stream of impossible Designer Impostors. This looks like a reasonable alternative...