Monday, September 28, 2009


How is it that cheap Korean men's fashion is somehow so much better than most of the looks coming out of New York, London and Milan? Man. I haven't felt this "meh" about a fashion season in quite awhile. That said, I am completely feeling this dandy highwayman of a fall jacket... for only $46.66 (or best offer!), I can forgive that it only comes in men's sizes. From Buzirune232 on eBay.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay, I wrote my last post without the benefit of seeing Proenza Schouler's new show. I have to kind of eat my words vis-a-vis New York fashion week being a washout this season, because P.S., as usual, totally nailed it:

Nothing new in the silhouette dept., but I'm totally sold on the great prints. And while I'd personally rather punch someone in the face than go skating (I don't know, I could just never get that into it), remove the heels and I'd believe these clothes could go straight from runway to skate park.


Guys! Once again I've let a century go by without updating. I feel like a lot of things have been happening, even though I'm still chronically jobless. The new (real) season is definitely here, which means I can finally blow-dry and straighten my hair again without it immediately snapping back the second I step outside into the wall of humidity that is summer; of secondary importance, the new (fashion) season is also here... I'm going to wait until London before completely panning it. I've seen some pretty cool shows pictured on other blogs (Odyn Vovk particularly springs to mind), but everything on is either a retread of the studs/bodycon look, or some sad pastel cocktail parade on Zoloft--with the shining exception of Rodarte, without which I swear I'd think NYFW was a total waste.

Anyway, the big news I wanted to post about has little to do with fash-unnn, unless you're really into long flowing robes (although, really, who isn't?). Sunn 0))) is playing West Philly on Sunday! Dudes, if you're in the area, mark your calendars and buy an extra pair of earplugs.

(Wow, 111 posts... I've finally reached my lucky number!)

Monday, September 7, 2009


(pic from Refinery29)

I just came back inside from a quick evening stroll (keep forgetting to bring a pair of scissors in my bag when I go out to steal flowers from others' gardens... I need more bouquets)--it's starting to really feel like fall out. There's a real briskness in the wind, and I couldn't be more excited. This means more and more cups of pine-smoked Russian tea, plus making up my autumnal shopping list.

I'm trying to keep costs down for the next few months since I still haven't got a new job, but when I saw the hi-top zip sneakers from Richard Chai's collaboration with Keds, I felt my normally moribund pulse (high fashion + high prices + no income = DOA) perk up again. I'll have to make another post with pros and cons of all the boots I'm considering for fall/winter, but let me just say I am seriously hoping this line, nominally all for men, is produced in small sizes! The grey ones are especially presh. Weird because I've never really had a second thought about Chai before...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This Undercover dress is up for grabs, courtesy of Mandie, along with some other clothes fit for swooping around in.

I'm still thinking about what kind of clothes I'm interested in for this season... it's still really warm out here, so I've mostly been just going around in the same knotted tanks and Frankenstein boots as ever. Pretty soon it's going to be time to break out the jackets and layers, though--and I'm pretty psyched. But can I also say I'm getting tired of every piece of clothing, whether it's from Alexander Wang, Urban Outfitters, or Forever 21, being cropped and bleached and Riot Grrled to death? It's just gotten kind of overblown. Some designers, like Jun Takahashi, don't have to work at being retro or faux-punky to be really startling and interesting. So in my opinion, this fall should be less pre-ripped jeans, more Mylar survival blanket-cum-jacket...