Monday, September 7, 2009


(pic from Refinery29)

I just came back inside from a quick evening stroll (keep forgetting to bring a pair of scissors in my bag when I go out to steal flowers from others' gardens... I need more bouquets)--it's starting to really feel like fall out. There's a real briskness in the wind, and I couldn't be more excited. This means more and more cups of pine-smoked Russian tea, plus making up my autumnal shopping list.

I'm trying to keep costs down for the next few months since I still haven't got a new job, but when I saw the hi-top zip sneakers from Richard Chai's collaboration with Keds, I felt my normally moribund pulse (high fashion + high prices + no income = DOA) perk up again. I'll have to make another post with pros and cons of all the boots I'm considering for fall/winter, but let me just say I am seriously hoping this line, nominally all for men, is produced in small sizes! The grey ones are especially presh. Weird because I've never really had a second thought about Chai before...


Maya said...

i love this time of year when its just beginning to transition from summer into fall..

i dig the lo-cut black ones a lot.

Anonymous said...

Although i don't really like sneakers i have to say these one rock!