Sunday, October 4, 2009


I got my wish! Rick Owens' collections are almost incapable of disappointing me--he continually hones his overall look (which by now has become something simultaneously sci-fi and stone-age, a little bit Black Queen from Barbarella and a lot hand-tanned woolly mammoth pelts) without capitulating to trends, but always looking timely without making dramatic leaps from season to season. I agree with Amanda that outerwear is his strongest suit, but I kind of love this dress for spring:

That said, it's really his diffusion lines, Rick Owens Lilies and Drkshdw, that get me going the most. The savage fur coats from his main collection give me heart palpitations of pleasure, no doubt, but what the man does with jersey and denim is truly amazing. There's a couple of new shots of his spring '10 Drkshdw men's line up on the website...

I do enjoy being a girl, but I wouldn't mind trading a few parts for the chance to fit into that jacket.