Sunday, April 25, 2010


The weather here is still vacillating between days of genuine summer sun and intermittent thundershowers. Right now we're in the midst of another rain storm, of course! It's really put a damper (no pun intended?) on my search for spring/summer clothes--I'm still piling on the scarves and trench coat to keep warm, while attempting to scope out the ideal wedge sandal that'll last me all the way through September (a topic for another post, but right now I'm feeling these, these, and potentially these guys).

One of the great things about all the sheer/net pieces I'm seeing more and more of these days is their fantastic layering possibilities. Think of the options! On a hot day (and ugh, let's hope we get some of that high-summer hotness back soon), just throw them on over a black lace bra or tank and gooooooo. On a gross, rainy, cool day like yesterday and today (and the rest of this coming week... you can guess my feelings on the matter), pile them on together and put a leather jacket or sleeveless vest on top. Instant outfit! The best.

In that spirit, check out these great sheer pieces from Kimberly Taylor. The sheer pants might look a little crazy as-is but over the right tights (and with an incantation to ward off the static electricity), they'd kill.

And hey, if you're in the midst of preparing a summer wardrobe, you can pick some of these guys up for 10% off through May 1st! Enter the code WITCHFINDER at checkout, and enjoy your ventilated sheer-back dress. Compliments of the witch-finder general!

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