Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Guys! I hope you all had a good Solstice. I was too busy feeling bummed about my current relationship situation (read: troubling lack of diq) to do anything more mystic than my usual moon meditations, but I think this weekend my friend Dan and I are going to try to summon up some ritual spirit. You know, there's no need for 'fashion' when you're skyclad.

So dudes, I know I haven't posted anything in a loooooong time. Usually I don't have a good excuse for this type of slackery, but in my own defense, can I just say--bless me, it's summah! I haven't been that interested in style or fashion too much... my idea of summer dressing is basically just gigantically oversized t-shirts, the shortest cut-offs I can get away with, and billowy harem pants (gotta let my balls breathe). So I'm basically dressing like this Oak model 24/7:

(except I'm a lady) (love that Crowleian unicursal hexagram, though)

Anyway, if you want more evidence of my day-to-day magickal activities (not), feel free to check out my tumblr, Banji Realness. It's kind of more trashy-90s-hip-hop oriented than this blog (I guess this one's for the metal side of my brain), but there's some crossover when it comes to, uh, mystic crystal revelations and stuff. Oh, and Pokemon.

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