Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Man, I can't wait for August to come so I can check out these Rachel-Rachel Roy pieces from Macy's. Read more about R.R.'s new diffusion line here, along with photos of some of the clothing options... the studded black dress is my favorite, although the whole thing is a little Target-cheap looking in my opinion. But these earrings! I'm officially psyched for them.


Sarah A. said...

earrings made to look like tapers? everything else can stay but no thanks to those.

Amanda said...

didn't hear about this so thanks for bringing to my attention..can't wait! everything looks awesome

rackkandruin said...

oh my oh my. . . .love her jewelry!! that picture you linked for me is so fucked!! seeing the adult light the child up is too creepy!

Queen Of Russia said...

Yeah, there's a couple pairs of shoes that kick ass...but I agree.

The jewelry is a go!




Amanda said...

hey girl- i found the skeleton hand ring on etsy here:

it's great and it was super cheap! he will size it for you too.