Saturday, July 4, 2009


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I've been taking much more notice of menswear this year than I used to. Unfortunately (or sometimes fortunately, depending on the situation), I don't have a particularly androgynous figure... so if I try to wear these awesome, drapey, Japanese-gothic outfits it probably wouldn't be quite the same thing as seeing them on some gorgeous specimen at Dropsnap, for example. But I think we can all agree that Mihara Yashuhiro put together a really killer collection, yeah? Perfect combo of laid-back and formal, plus I love the leather/woven jacket. And whoever that model with the ginger-streaked hair is--he needs to meet me in the back room, stat.

The jewelry for the collection was made by Husam El Odeh, creator of this totally genius "watch," which would be perfect for more than I few people I can think of...


Luce said...

best line ever: Meet me in the backroom, stat!! haha. I'm liking the look of the jewelry on the bottom row as well as that (sequinnined???) shirt mmmm.

Anonymous said...

the best thing i've ever seen!!!