Saturday, July 11, 2009


This guy could be my Viennese twin, right down to the shakily hand-applied studs on the jacket and the single cross earring. Not to mention the (in my case slightly regrettable) haircut!

The other day at work I grabbed a two-year-old copy of (wait for it) newWitch magazine. Before you rush to judge me for my admittedly ooky mystic crystal revelations, let me just say that it brought me back into contact with a source for surprisingly kind of cool gothy junk I dimly remembered from my teen-goth days. Disregard the velour gowns and dragon pendants, and it turns out Ipso Facto has several pretty nice necklaces and pentacle/sigil pendants that I, at least, would not mind wearing. I'm really into the Baphomet and unicursal hexagrams, personally. And now I really want a Cagliostro cross (in the middle of the pic, the one incorporating the pentacles).

I definitely time-warped back to seventh grade when I saw Ipso Facto's ad. Fortunately, I managed to put down the Manic Panic just in time.

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robyn said...

I go to to Ipso Facto all the time for jewelry. I love that store, although it's sometimes hard to navigate through.

The staff is wonderful!