Sunday, August 2, 2009


Dudes, July was not a good blogging month for me, obviously! Somewhere in between searching for a place to live in a new city, suffering through intense summer humidity/thunderstorms, trying to get in as much (ahem) quality time with my boyfriend before I leave for said new city, etc., I got kind of burned out on updating my internets. I pretty much say this every month, but this time I promise to post more!

Anyway, so as I said, I'm moving to Philadelphia next month... so psyched! I hope to fill the next two weeks with some intensive hanging out with friends and hard liquors before I have to leave them behind and chill somewhere new, you know? Any recommendations of awesome local bands, places to go, homegrown designers/stores in Philly are heartily welcome, if you guys know of any. I would particularly enjoy a nice funeral cape like the one the lady above is sporting. Hopefully by the time I move, the weather will be slightly more agreeable to lace-swathing, rather than constant sweat-mopping.


Amanda said...

good luck with the move dude! i haven't been to philly in awhile but planning a day/wknd trip soon so i have done my own research. here's a few shops that might be worth checking out:

Anonymous said...

Greetings DDW,

I'm sure you will like Philadelphia. Welcome.

When you arrive please see the various maps with support information listed on our site.
Under the Visit menu you'll find all sorts of helpful information.