Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My hair is finally growing out, and has officially (for good or for ill) entered the stage of awkward indeterminacy. I'm not too much into hair "styling" anymore (after some experimentation with self-inflicted crew cuts and lesbian mohawks went belly-up), but I can't keep letting it lie there in a pile on my head...

I'm a big fan of milkmaid braids, aptly demonstrated in these shots of Zebylon Winter from Contributor. Not sure if I've got the manual dexterity to perfect the topknot-cum-cornrows-cum-frontal-rattail there, though.


Amanda said...

so much rad shit you can do with braids...takes time and patience though

K8 said...

yes definitely loving braids ever since that A. Wang show back in the fall. Braids can be really utilitarian as well if you have bangs that need held back. Love the pics :)

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