Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Guys! Once again I've disappeared from my blog for way too long. I just moved to a new apartment, and my internets were just recently turned on here. 2010 should see a new layout... and more frequent updates!

Holy Diver's been in my head since I woke up this morning. And the video! It's nuts! I remember seeing a video incorporating parts of Trent Harris' Rubin & Ed into this song when I was young and impressionable, so now listening to it brings to mind images of Crispin Glover in platform shoes mourning for his semi-frozen cat. Oh, Ronnie...

Meanwhile, you can check me out on Sang Bleu's blog! I have an interview with the amazing Zana Bayne posted up right here, and some other stuff too.

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Obscura said...

Dio is the fucking man!!