Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm still making up my mind about which boots to buy. After scrounging around on eBay for a million variations of the same general style ("Beatle boots," "mod boots," "ankle biker boots," "Cuban-heel boots," etc., etc.), these turned up tucked in the middle of a page:

Not even the fact that I never wear gold (I'm a silver person) has put much of a dent in my intense love for these shoes. But when I was browsing around aimlessly in Joann Shepp the other day, I found another killer pair of Robert Clergerie chelseas:

These I like more for the geta-ish sole than anything else. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and pick them up... on the website they're listed at $695, but in-store they're at least 20% off. Of course, even with that discount they're squarely out of my price range, but after a couple of complimentary glasses of champale anything is possible.


Amanda said...

the clergerie chelsea boots are cheaper on zappos too (was looking at the same ones):

are they really like 20% off of 695 tho? might have to look into that. although still out of my pricerange i might have to suck it up.

fawn lust said...

Yeah, if I recall correctly they're actually over 20% off--down to $400 and change! Might only apply to the size 9s, though... I think they're the display pair.

Xaviere said...


Do you have any idea of the brand of the golden boots?

Thanks by advance,