Friday, November 6, 2009


I finally found a new job, and I'm planning to celebrate with a pair of chelsea boots for the winter. These are, in my mind, the canonical ankle boot--the combination of Cuban heel, pronounced pointed toe, slip-on-and-go beatnik style just slays me. Of course, they're also the hardest to find in women's sizes!

One of the pairs I was considering on eBay (he who hesitates is lost, somebody Bought This One Now) was by Tod's, with a slightly more rounded toe:

Surprisingly, Anthropologie has a pretty good selection of shoes right now. Sometimes they tend towards the Victorian child whore in terms of aesthetic, but there are some standouts:

These Acne-alikes in black suede with chelsea-style elastic gores are great. Too bad they're over $400, or I'd totally add them to my brooded-over list of chelsea boot contenders.


Amanda said...

HELL dope. dr martens chelsea is pretty rad too

Obscura said...

Those are wonderful!

I like always looks extra-black!