Friday, November 20, 2009


What's inspiring these days? I've been trying (and arguably succeeding) to spend less money on clothes, even though I still check Pixiemarket every damn day to see their new stock. But one thing that's been helping me stick to my cheap-assness is the extreme lack of variance in most clothing silhouettes. Virtually every dress and skirt is in a mini length. And I mean, I've got great legs but there are surely other interesting designs out there, right?

Not to mention, if the '80s must be endlessly resurrected, why gloss over the emergent thinkers of that period... '80s-era Comme des Garcons, Issey Miaki, Yohji Yamamoto are great sources for styling ideas using fuller and longer silhouettes. Of more recent vintage, I'm revisiting Limi Feu's epic S/S '09 collection:

I'm really feeling these calf-length skirts with ankle boots.

And S/S '10 is just as good--the Chelsea boots in particular (for men and women, finally), but the long, draped skirts and dresses are exactly what I'm into these days. Limi is either way ahead of or way behind the times--this long silhouette, somehow androgynous while still reading as classically femme, is so off the map today, it's impossible to find a high-street equivalent.

Limi Y. (daughter of Yohji) is one of my favorite designers at the moment--her clothes are modern takes on an aesthetic that Yohji Y. helped pioneer. Her most recent show is full of the kind of look that I would love to see more designers working with. No more bodycon! Yeah, I said it! It bums me out to see Penn sorority girls wearing paneled leather miniskirts and Iron Maiden t-shirts when they're not on a first-name relationship with Eddie... I saw an advertorial for black lipstick in Lucky magazine. Guys. For real.

I blame this on the spread of Balmain-alikes throughout Forever21 chains and Not to knock the appeal of a simple neoprene dress or something--the thing is, it looks good(-ish, as long as it's not covered in sub-svarowski crystals/scattered with half-assed pyramid studs) but it's everywhere.

Maybe this is all just a long-winded way of saying, I wish Sunn 0))) would come out with their own line of floor-length robes. Now that's a celebrity label I could get behind.

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