Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm in kind of a shopping mood, but unfortunately have little or no money to spend. Maybe this is a good thing in disguise... I really need to save up for a new laptop/car/place to live after I graduate...

Nevertheless these are the things I would die for if I had the cash.

Simple yet totally sweet dropcrotch leggings by Misha:

This cape hoodie from AA, all of a sudden it's everywhere but check it out, it's totally essential:

A long net skirt, even though I'm kind of afraid of looking like a Hot Topic disaster... but fuck it:

White on white translucent, black capes back on the rack... Yeah, this is pretty epic:

Black tie dye looks pretty great on this Lookbook specimen:

This necklace, need I say more:

images from ebay, etsy, aa,, streetpeeper (I think)

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