Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay okay! Just one more post and I'll be done for the night, I swear.

A few months ago, when I was still living in my old town, I had a chance encounter with the most amazing antique Indian eagle ring. I might have fallen in love a little bit. It was heavy, solid sterling, and meant for big male fingers, and just expensive enough that I decided to hold off getting it until my birthday. I still haven't gotten it yet, but every time I see someone wearing a fistful of giant silver knuckledusters I get a little twinge.

This led me to searching around online for similar rings to my beloved and hopefully soon to be birthday jewelry. I hadn't found anything that really compares... but check this craziness out!

So apparently Scottish Rite masonic rings are super incredible. There's a couple more on that site. I would totally go for one if I didn't think I'd be immediately targeted by the Skull and Bones society seeking revenge for their pilfered magic regalia.

Oh, and happy my birthday! Just 23 and I don't mind dying.


FOXYMAN said...

happy birthday to you.. !

the first ring is brilliant... so gorgeous

skeet-shoot said...

hap hap birth

fawn lust said...

Thanks errbody!

July Stars said...

Joyeux anniversaire ... belated.
Wow, those rings are just incredible! Going to check out the link now.