Sunday, February 15, 2009


A bunch of blogs have already picked out the best looks from Alexander Wang and Karen Walker (Gnarlitude and Is Mental in particular), two of the top shows so far in New York, but I think Tse is actually my favorite right now. The section of all-white looks, especially with those shaggy fur pieces, was totally bitching. Somehow it kind of looks like what a particularly hot Bene Gesserit Mother would wear--like, futuristic, interplanetary and primitive at the same time. Love it.


rackkandruin said...

your blog rocks, just added you to my blog's blog list. whew, tongue twister.

FOXYMAN said...

FUCKKKKK YEAH!!!!!!! these are awesome

Queen Of Russia said...

Shit dude!

I didn't know it was you...

Your blog actually inspired me to start blogging in the first place.

Thanks man. It's an honour!

all the best!


fawn lust said...

Thanks guys! I'm psyched you like it!