Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Mannn, how great are these Julien Macdonald looks? The laddered knit dresses and under-layers are the perfect DIY inspiration, especially for someone like me, with no sewing ability but a lot of destructive yarn-ripping tendencies. But even more than the knits, the zippered dresses really push it over the top. I love any item of clothing that zips off all the way around, like you're peeling a silk banana. Fucking sensual seduction, yeah?

Yesterday was the best so far for London fashion (or at least what decides to throw up on their site)... this, Mark Fast (post coming soon, I'm pretty sure it's not new to anybody with eyes because Fast is rapidly building his online fanclub, but I just have to put something up here), even House of Holland was really good and not just cheeky:

Forgive my nonexistent photo editing skillz, please, but... how good are these coats?
But OMG, Jethro, what happened to your pants?!

It's okay, honey. Leave 'em off, it's business time.


Anonymous said...


Nothing says "quality blog" like letching on a male model. Although I would say that.

fawn lust said...

Haha, well, I make no claims to quality, only to quantity of fashiony perving.

Anonymous said...

you've chosen very nice creations!