Monday, February 16, 2009


Ji Luxirare posted the most psychotic outfit the other day, consisting of a mesh bandage dress, giant fur, and the most incredible platform boots ever. So since then I've been stalking these mesh-insert dresses on eBay (all from Sleepyhead Vintage).

A little bit more in the way of eBay scheming...

I really love corset tops, and the wee small studs on this one (from Le Robo Vintage) are a nice touch.

Some runway looks I'm liking...

These Preen dresses are great (more cutouts!), but the overall show was more springy than fallish, I thought. I mean, pastels, really?

Jeremy Laing! These are awesome. I loved the sheer pants/leggings/stockings that The Local Firm were doing in Stockholm, and I love the ones in the first look here, not to mention the overall toughness in all of them.

Some cool prints at Vena Cava. Overall, though, I'm just looking forward to London fashion week... New York is a little lackluster, usually.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the callout! its great to dress like a hooker and NOT actually be one you know?
btw you have good taste. i always feel like im about to perform some kind of witchcraft salem type shit when I visit your site.

fawn lust said...

haha, I hope this blog inspires others to cast some hardcore spells!

Zane Wooder said...

Beautiful clothing. Why aren't the models smiling though? Are they not suppose too?

-Zane of ontario honey