Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm pretty sure this will be my #1 favorite single item from all the New York shows:

(pic from

I may actually need these Phi leather zipper pants. Legitimately--I have a pair of fake leather pants/leggings from Topshop, but they're uncomfortably too big, and have already been taken in once. Maybe when I get paid again next week I'll finally quit hemming and hawing and get these ridiculous vinyl pants from Forever21:

Or these from Urban:

Or maybe these.

It's kind of a sad day when a $27.80 purchase is an unjustifiable luxury, I gotta say.

More than that, though, having looked through most of the Fall '09 shows on NYMag and, it just makes me more and more nostalgic for my youthful days spent in Hot Topic, when I seriously had a wardrobe full of vinyl pants and corset tops (AND black lipstick, but I can vouch for the fact that it basically makes a girl look like even more of a reject, if you're in 7th grade, anyway--but this is the price we pay for to-the-bone gothlihood). I wonder if Hot Topic is ever going to revive Morbid Threads? If you guys were ever goth mallrats like I was, maybe you remember this label. I haven't been in a stone-and-mortar Hot Topic in a while (although I have checked out their jeans a bunch of times online--I just can't justify another pair of jeans for myself, though), so I can't say whether they still carry it, but (as I think I've posted before) I used to have a pair of stretchy vinyl leggings with an exposed zip on the crotch that I was in love with... and this was when I was like, 14. Man! I don't know if it's sad that I still essentially dress the same way, or if it just goes to show that a giant chunk of my personality basically is located in the Batcave. I've gone through a bunch of fashion phases since those days, but I'm still a little Goth tart deep down, I guess.

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Zane Wooder said...

I love these black leather pants. My girlfriend likes them even more though.

-Zane of ontario honey