Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 A.M.

Sorry for the total lapse in posts! I've been not exactly busy, but feeling stressed and kind of mentally on the fritz for the past few days... much improved now!

One thing I still haven't gotten a handle on yet is a good night's sleep. I keep getting to bed around 5 a.m., waking up at 11... unhealthy. Last night might have finally been worth it, though--Blade Runner/Blue Velvet double feature anyone? It was precipitated by hearing about a friend of mine's the new music project, Love Theme From Blade Runner and the music is indeed tender. I wish LA were really like this now, although I guess there's still about ten years to go before we're past due to be living in a filthy skinjob-ridden post-apocalyptic hellhole. But I for one can't wait!

I haven't made the plunge and bought those OctopusMe earrings yet (but I am going to as soon as I get the cash), but these are some other ear decorations I'm into right now. I actually already have the skeletons (full articulation! I love these things, in fact I'm wearing them right now), but the other ones, especially the linked ear cuff, are tempting me to pull out my wallet...