Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Man, it's almost spring and I'm getting a little excited! Sorry for the scarcity of posts recently, I've been too busy tramping around in fields and enjoying the all-too-brief (because of course it will probably snow at least once more before winter is really over with) moments of actual sun.

Anyway, while I've been wearing black pretty much nonstop every day, as is my wont, I'm kind of feeling the urge for color and pattern. These dresses from ASOS are all relatively cheap (under 70 bucks apiece) and would look pretty sweet layered under a leather jacket, at least until it's really warm enough to throw on the sleeveless denim or something. I'm kind of sad that the one on the far left is sold out in regular sizes (because I can't figure out if UK petites are measured), but if the weather continues in its current vein much longer I will almost certainly have to break my black habit and buy one of 'em.

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But then there's this black dress from ASOS, much more fitting for my current wardrobe and with some nice zip detailing...

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