Monday, March 9, 2009


High, high, high heels are never going to be uncool, obviously. But I think the incredible Nina Ricci anti-gravity boots represent the absolute pinnacle. It will be interesting to see other designers trying to catch up with Olivier Theyskens, to cobble together some even crazier, more unearthly footwear, but to be honest I just don't know if I think it can be done! These shoes might just be IT.

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Fortunately (or possibly unfortunately; my cred as a justifiably stylish lady-type person tends to fluctuate and not being able to wear heels doesn't really help), I am already prepared for the inevitable global heel shrinkage. Creepers might be gaining traction as one alternative to the regular cantilevered heel (which I am psyched about, to be honest, because not only am I still kind of emotionally a perpetual 7th-grade Goth with a penchant for stompy platform shoes, I also like clomping around without killing my arches), but I am currently kind of obsessed with shorty western boots, as the above photos show. Oh man I love them! I think Givenchy's spring show (aka the "Western Bondage" collection) might have flipped the switch in my brain a little bit.

I might have to keep the switch from getting flipped too much, though... lest I turn into a bad parody of the Ministry UK (who really deserve their own post ASAP--best Goth-themed western-wear creeps ever, in my opinion).

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rackkandruin said...

i'm waiting for all my favorite boots of the season to be made with a 2 inch heel! i'm tall and never learned to properly walk in heels. . . . that's why i loved Chloe's studded boots so much!

fawn lust said...

Man, I know, those Chloe boots are so hot! I'm not even that tall, I just walk evvvvvverywhere, so I can't handle giant heels much as I might like to.

Zane Wooder said...

The last picture reminds me of that song. Whip it.

-Zane of ontario honey